The people from “Merck Animal Health” announced that they have created a new awareness-raising animal holiday, the Dog Flu Prevention Week. This holiday is planned to be celebrated every year during the 3rd week of April, and this year that is April 16-22.

They say that this awareness event is much needed in order to educate pet owners about the importance of protecting their social dogs, either that will be for the first time or for revaccinations.

Every year, veterinarians report thousands of cases of the dog flu, and this year the accent will be put on the discovery of the newest strain of the virus – H3N2 (the strain responsible for the most reported cases). All dogs that are even slightly social, that interact with other dogs at dog parks, at the groomers, at boarding kennels etc. are at risk of catching the dog flu.

Check your dog’s vaccination schedule and if needed visit your veterinarian.

For more information about the dog flu, click HERE.

Happy Dog Flu Prevention Week!