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International Assistance Dog Week – August 5-11

IADW or the International Assistance Dog Week was created with the pure wish to give credit and recognition to all amazing, devoted and hardworking assistance dogs that are helping disabled individuals in their everyday lives.

These dogs have the purity and love to devote their lives for the sole purpose of serving their humans and help them feel less disabled and more in power.

This week is also dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of these dogs and educating the public how hard the training is to make these dogs the way they are and how important is the role they have. This week we also honor the people that raise these dogs from puppies and the people that train them tirelessly to make them the perfect animal companion.

This celebratory week was because of Marcie Davis, who was a paraplegic for over 35 years. She devoted her life to these amazing dogs and wrote several books on the subject of service and assistance animals.

Happy International Assistance Dog Week!


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