Equine or horse veterinarians are doctors that work with horse breeders, ranchers, competitive horse owners to treat and protect the health and welfare of horses.

Equine veterinarians provide vaccinations, diagnostics, treat injuries and diseases, and perform surgeries on horses when needed. Not like small animal veterinarian, equine vets visit the horses at the farms and ranches.equine vets large animal vets

According to 2016 American Association of Equine Practitioners-AVMA Economic Survey, the number of young veterinarians in the equine field is declining. More and more equine veterinarians happen to be leaving the sector in the first 5 years of their practice. What are the reasons for so many young and prosperous veterinarians to leave the sector? Is it the salary, the overwhelming student debt, or something else? With the overturn of the economy, more wealthy people are buying more and more horses and the demand for equine veterinarians is higher.

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