Keep your pet safe for Halloween

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Halloween is that day of the year when we want to play dress up and walk around like zombies for fun.
Here we prepared an infographic on how to keep your pet safe for Halloween and have a stress-free holiday.

If you have a new pet and this is their first Halloween, be extra cautious. They might get scared of all the loud noises and all the pumpkins. If your dog is still a puppy and tends to chew on everything, don’t put Halloween decorations on the ground. They can be toxic and they are a choking hazard.

On this day you have to be extra careful of the safety of your pet. With everybody in costumes, dogs might get confused and not recognize their owners. Keep your dog on a leash and put a name and number tag on their collar.

On the infographic below you can read the essentials for pet safety on this holiday.

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Keep your pet safe for Halloween

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