Keep your pets safe during the extreme cold

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With the temperatures dropping, veterinarians across the United States are advising pet owner to keep their pets safe during the extreme cold temperatures. Some parts of the countries will be very cold this week. For example, news reports say that the Chicago area might face extreme cold temperature of -50 F.

pets safe during the extreme coldDon’t risk your pet’s health. Get a doggy jacket and booties. Limit the walks just for the basic needs of urinating and defecating. If your dog is a yard dog, consider bringing it inside the house until the cold wave passes. If you have outdoor cats, bring them in this week.

Be more careful with senior pets and pets with existing health conditions. Pets with diabetes or heart problems are more sensitive to cold weather and extreme changes in temperature.

Make sure after every walk to clean your pet’s paws and fur to avoid chemical burns from the toxic chemicals on the street.

Know your dog’s limits. Some dog breeds are meant to do well in extreme temperatures (Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Newfoundland…). But, if you own a more fragile dog breed like a Chihuahua make sure to protect him/her from the cold.


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