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Lemurs are under the threat of extinction

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lemurs, threat of extinction, bbc, endangered, lemurs are under the threat of extinctionAccording to an international group of people working in animal conservation, lemurs are under the threat of extinction.

They conducted a research regarding all lemur populations and the imminent threats to their survival and habitat and concluded that 105 out of 111 lemur species and subspecies are now under the threat of extinction.

Their other conclusion was that now lemurs are the most endangered primates on the planet.

Russ Mittermeier, a representative from the Global Wildlife Conservation charity under which is the Primate Specialist Group, stated that the most endangered group of lemurs are the unique lemurs of Madagascar and that all this is happening because the whole biodiversity there is under threat.

The biodiversity in Madagascar is under threat because there is mass destruction of the tropical forest aka their natural habitat. This is due to illegal logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, mining, and charcoal production.

Lemurs also face danger when they are hunted for food and for the pet industry.

Read the original story Lemur extinction: Vast majority of species under threat

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