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Merck Veterinary Manuals decided to team up with 9 students from across North America and build a website Merck Educational Blog that will be dedicated to veterinary students. These 9 students that will build the website are at various stages of studying and from different veterinary schools.

The posts on the Merck educational blog will be divided into 6 categories: 1.) vet student experience; 2.) vet school advice; 3.) maintaining balance; 4.) clinical experience; 5.) human-animal bond; 6.) various trending topics.

Merck Educational BlogThis platform and its content will help students with a lot of topics. Many students have a hard time balancing their school and social life, so now they will have the chance to read other experiences and hopefully, that will help them. The platform will also help students how to handle homeless animals in need with the fear-free technique, and much more.

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