A new feline specific DNA test created by Wisdom Health (a division of Mars Petcare) names MyCatDNA test is designed to ease veterinarians and cat breeders to maintain a healthy and superior feline bloodline. The test can be used to also monitor and maintain the health and wellness in cats on a genetic level. cat relaxed

The test is designed to provide insight into a cat’s individual and unique genetic map and makeup. This allows the breeders to make more educated decisions and hopefully lower the chances of passing down hereditary disease to future generations.

This will be helpful to eliminate all felines that will test positive for mutation out of future breeding programs and in that way to ensure that someday, in a very bright future, we will have only super healthy kittens.

Having a comprehensive view of the cat’s genome and all inheritable characteristics help a lot. The tests can identify more than 40 different mutations, can determine blood type, coat length and color, and body type.

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