National Adopt a Senior Pet Month – November 2019

This month, the whole month, we celebrate senior pets with National adopt a senior pet month and we hope that many senior pets will find forever loving homes.

National adopt a senior pet monthThe shelters are full of senior pets that were either homeless their whole lives or were left there by their owners because they did not know how to handle them once they reached their golden age. And, that is very sad because senior pets are more loving than young ones and they have so much love to offer. Young animals need so much patience and training, that the senior pets don’t need from you. They just need love and daily walking.

Yes, many senior pets have illnesses, but so do old people and we don’t give up on them. This means that owning a senior pet will not be cheap because they will require more veterinary visits and wellness checkups. But all the love they will give is priceless. This should not deter you from adopting a senior pet from a shelter and give it all the love you have.

Adopted senior pets are more grateful and all adopters say that they haven’t regretted it. Be part of the change we want to make an adoption. Adopt a senior pet today and make a little Fido happy. You will never regret it.

Happy National Adopt a Senior Pet Month!


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