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National Animal Safety and Protection Month – October 2019

The month of October is dedicated to celebrating National Animal Safety and Protection Month. Well, actually we dedicate this month to raise awareness to all the dangers that lurk while we are not looking and educate pet owners how to care better for their pets. We are also here to educate people that don’t have pets of their own how to recognize dangerous situations for other animals.

National Animal Safety and Preparation MonthAs a pet owner, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep your pet safe and protected. First, make sure that all the vaccines are up to date and that you take your pet on regular wellness check-up at the vet clinic. Second, make sure that your pet is microchipped and that the chip is working properly. Also, put an ID tag on your pet’s collar. If they get lost this is the easiest way for them to return to you.

Pet-proof your home. Make sure that all dangerous and toxic materials are out of reach for your pets. If you have a dog that is a chewer, protect all cables and everything else that can harm your dog. Never leave food unattended on the table. Dogs and cats are very sneaky and they can eat something while you’re not looking. This can lead to poisoning (many human foods are poisonous to dogs and cats) or digestive issues and choking.

Always have a disaster plan and emergency contact nearby. You never know what might happen.

If you don’t have pets you can still participate in raising awareness this month. You can always join a pet fostering programme at your local shelter and help a little kitten or a puppy find a forever home. You can also volunteer and educate prospective pet owners how to take care of their future pet best.

Use social media to reach more people and educate your friends.

Happy National Animal Safety and Protection Month!


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