National Animal Shelter Week – 5-11 November

This week we celebrate National Animal Shelter Week and we hope that more amazing dogs will get adopted and find forever loving homes.

This celebratory week was brought by The Humane Society of the United States and it’s celebrated annually the first full week of November. This is a way to honor all animal shelters and the people who tirelessly work to ensure the animals are healthy and adopted.

National Animal Shelter WeekShelters are places where animals find safe haven and people have the opportunity to adopt their next loving family member. Beside this, shelters provide veterinary care, they spay and neuter the animals in order to reduce pet overpopulation and they fight animal cruelty and neglect.

Across the United States, there are around 3500 animal shelters that serve around 8 million homeless animals each year. Recent statistics show that 63% of the households in the United States include domestic animals, only 20% of those pets came from rescue shelters.

If you like to get involved and help your local animal shelter then you can start by adopting your next pet from there 🙂  Follow the shelter on Facebook and help the animals find forever homes by sharing their posts. You can also volunteer. They always need an extra pair of loving and caring hands.

The best way to help animal shelters is by being responsible pet owner that never gives up on their pet. Many pet owners abandon their pets and they end up in shelters. Educate your friends how to be responsible pet owners and that a dog or a cat is a lifetime companion, not a toy.

If you can, donate supplies. They are always in a need of food, towels, toys and other items.

Happy National Animal Shelter Week!


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