National Cat Health Month – February

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It’s National Cat Health Month again!

Cats are definitely making a name for themselves out there. We see these hot-shot superstars in funny cat videos, memes, music videos, and more and more often on clothes.

They are the true lifestyle influencers on all relevant media. So why not give them a special month of glory where we can celebrate their stubbornness, independence, and selective self-sustainable being.

We grant you February! It’s National Cat Health Month where every cat owner has to make sure that their fur-ball really is healthy and full of wellness.

It’s a great time to visit the veterinarian for your cat’s regular checkups and vaccinations, but there are other important measures that can be taken to keep your cat healthy as well.

Things like proper diet, exercise, and a clean living environment play an important role in your cat’s health. An optimal diet should include all the essential nutrients that cats need to stay healthy, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian about what kind of food is best for your cat.

What you can do for National Cat Health Month

national cat health month

Why do I need to clean out the litter every time Mr. Grumpy goes to his own private toilet? You can answer this question by asking yourself why you flush every time after you go to the bathroom. February is the perfect month to adopt the habit of regularly and properly cleaning out the litter box.

This will improve hygiene in your home, which is also healthy for yourself, and moreover will definitely improve the cat’s bathroom behavior. Many infectious diseases are transmitted through feces and urine, especially in multi-cat households. There are some bacteria and parasites that are even transmittable to humans so don’t think twice about making the litter box a safe environment.

Did you put much thought into what your cat eats and does this satisfy its basic nutritional needs? If not, then this is the month to do so. If you are in doubt about the healthiness of the current diet the cat is fed with opt-out for better quality.

There are a lot of cat food brands out there; also the popularity of raw feeding is getting pretty hyped so it’s a mind-blowing decision to make. Fortunately, nowadays we have forums, social online groups, review pages where people share real-time experiences with cat food. Vets also offer advice on the best possible options while not spending a fortune, so don’t hesitate to ask the experts.

Cats don’t like vets and despite visits to the vet clinic. Cats don’t like being dragged outside the premises of their own space. Well, most of the times I am pretty sure you are thinking cats don’t really like anything. But owners adore their cats and that’s why they need to pay more attention to maintaining a regular veterinary check-up schedule.

Ginger cat lying upside down in a blanket on the bed

Many times when the cats are sick don’t really show signs until the terminal stages. Vets can prolong the lives of cats suffering from different types of cancer if an early diagnosis is made. The transmission of feline diseases are easily stopped at the beginning. That’s why regular check-ups are a necessity, even when the cat is looking perfectly normal. This February it’s time to make a veterinary appointment.

Let your cat’s inner beauty express by taking her to the grooming salon. She will most likely scratch and bite everything around her, but that’s the price of beauty. If you never made a grooming appointment, it’s a great idea to use National Cat Health Month to make your first.

ginger cat lying on a table

Common Feline Diseases to Watch Out For

Happy National Cat Health Month!

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Enjoy the various ways of celebrating this occasion, after all, it only comes but once a year.

We would love to hear from you as to how you chose to celebrate National Cat Month with your furry friend. Head to our Facebook Page and share your unique feline stories with us. Go on, you know you want to!

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