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National Dairy Month – June

The celebration of dairy as “National Dairy Month” first started as “National Milk Month” back in 1937 as a way to promote to people the benefits of drinking milk. It was created with the purposes of stabilizing the dairy demand was at a surplus. Now it is an annual tradition to celebrate all the contributions the dairy industry has made in the world. milk

Milk has offered a variety of forms in which we can enjoy it and consume it. Whether is that plain milk or fermented milk products, the shapes and colors are endless, and so are the tastes.

Dairy products are proven to have many health benefits, especially the products made out of fermented milk. They have an abundance of “good bacteria” and probiotic capabilities that some people cannot live without them. Some people, on the other hand, can be lactose intolerant which means that they cannot process the lactose in milk products adequately and it causes them gastrointestinal problems among others.

cheeseDairy farming is a whole, big industry that begins with a cute cow (or a sheep, or a goat ???? ) that is being milked and ends with an amazing product on our tables.

Want to learn more about the process in the middle? This is the month to do it! Take your time and read more about how milk is made, how milk farms are working, and how various dairy products are created.

If you have the chance, offer to volunteer at a dairy farm, or to shadow the veterinarian or the farmer there and learn “first hand”. And don’t forget to learn how to milk a cow, it’s quite fun ????

Happy National Dairy Month!

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