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National Farriers Week – July 8-14

National Farriers Week is a celebratory week dedicated to the restless men and women that care for and maintain the hooves of the lovely horses. It is celebrated annually the second week of July. This year we celebrate the farries from 8-14th of July.
farrier workingThis is not just a regular and easy job. Being a farrier requires specialized skills in caring for the hooves, knowledge in blacksmithing, and of course to be knowledgeable in diseased or injured hooves.
Taking care of these amazing animals it’s not easy at all. You can easily get stepped on, bitten, nuzzled or nibbled, or even be called for an emergency at odd hours.

This year is the 20th anniversary of this holiday. If you have a favorite farrier, do not forget to acknowledge him or her and to celebrate this day together.

If you want to be part of the farriers’ community, or just up to date on all the news in the farrier market make sure to read the “American Farriers Journal”.

Happy National Farriers Week!


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