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National Frog Month – April 2019

April is the month dedicated to these cute amphibians, the frogs. We celebrate them because they represent a symbol of transition, the leap from one thing, place, situation to another. Frogs have been around throughout evolution and with their marvelous green color represent balance and harmony, but as well endurance and stability.

To celebrate frogs, we prepared an infographic with some of the coolest facts about frogs.

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Facts about frogs: 

  • There are 4700 species of frogs. 
  • Male frogs attract females by croaking. Each frog has a distinct croak like a signature.
  • Frogs absorb water through their skin so they don’t need to drink it.
  • Some frogs can jump 20 times their height. Awesome!
  • The studying of frogs and other amphibians is called Herpetology.
  • You can differentiate male from female frogs by their ears. Males have ears bigger than their eyes.
  • Frogs have teeth on their upper jaw for holding the prey. When swallowing the food, their eyes retract back in the head and help to push the food down the throat.



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