National Frog Month – April 2023

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National Frog Month is observed in April and is the month dedicated to these cute amphibians, the frogs. We celebrate them because they represent a symbol of transition, the leap from one thing, place, situation to another.

Frogs have been around throughout evolution and their marvelous green color represents balance and harmony, but as well endurance and stability.

bullfrog, national frog month

Frog-tastic Activities to do in National Frog Month

  • Visit a frog pond and check out their cool behavior and mannerisms.
  • Go frogging at night – you will be surprised at how difficult it is and how many different frogs you can hear. Check out this cool video on the Bubbling Casino Frog’s unique sound.
  • Play a game of Frog-Hopscotch with the kids.
  • Look for cool ideas online on how to make a frog mask.
  • Have a party and talk in frog puns the whole time.
  • Color in frog pictures.
  • Listen to music videos about frogs.
  • Watch movies about frogs.
  • Make food in frog-shapes.
  • Visit a zoo or an establishment that has frogs in an aquarium and go for a tour to learn about them.
  • Learn about the important work of and try to make a contribution to their important work.
  • National Frog Month is the perfect time to explore local wetlands and take your kids on an educational frog-spotting trip. Keep an eye out for different species of frogs, and spend some quality time with nature!
  • Get creative in the kitchen. National Frog Month is a great time to teach your kids about the importance of amphibians in our environment. Whip up some frog-themed snacks, such as green jello with gummy frogs, or decorate cupcakes with pieces of licorice for a fun twist.
  • Learn more about frogs and their habitats. National Frog Month is a great opportunity to research different species of frogs and learn more about the habitats they live in. Make it educational by getting your kids involved—ask them to write a report on the topic or create a presentation using pictures and facts they’ve learned.

To celebrate frogs, we prepared an infographic with some of the coolest facts about frogs.

national frog month infographic

Interesting Facts About Frogs For National Frog Month: 

  • There are over different 4700 species of frogs. 
  • Male frogs attract females by croaking. 
  • Each frog has a distinct croak like a signature.
  • Frogs absorb water through their skin so they don’t need to drink it.
  • Some frogs can jump 20 times their height. Awesome!
  • The studying of frogs and other amphibians is called Herpetology.
  • You can differentiate male from female frogs by their ears.
  • Males have ears bigger than their eyes.
    Frogs have teeth on their upper jaw for holding the prey. 
  • When swallowing the food, their eyes retract back in the head and help to push the food down the throat.
  • A group of frogs is called an army!
an army of frogs that laid eggs in a dam
  • Frogs are a species that can be found all over the world! Wow!
  • The biggest frog species in the world is called a Goliath Frog.
  • Frogs can lay as many as 4000 eggs during frog spawning.
  • Froggies have back legs and webbed feet that allow them to swim and jump.
  • They eat worms and bugs by swallowing them whole.
  • In the country of Seychelles, the male frog carries the baby frogs on this back until they become adults.
  • When a frog is dissected it is said that it has rings like a tree on the bones. Every year, a new ring is added. Scientists think that this is the way that you can tell a frog’s age.
  • Amphibians like to come out in the rain. That is why some people think that frogs fall from the sky!
  • There is a special type of dessert frog that can go for seven years without water or eating while it waits for rain. It makes a special bag and then once it rains, it eats the bag as a meal! How cool is that? It is called the Australian Water-Holding Frog.
australian water-holding frog
  • Amphibians can only see in black and white.
  • Their eyes can come in many different shapes and sizes.
  • The most poisonous frog in the world is the Golden Dart frog. The skin of one of these frogs can kill more than 1000 people!
  • Studies have shown that a particular frog’s skin is 200 times more powerful than the drug morphine!
  • The male Darwin Frog takes the eggs of the female in his mouth. He keeps them there until they hatch and then releases them once they transform into froglets!
three froglets sitting on a green branch


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