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National Immunization Awareness Month – August 2018

The National Immunization Awareness Month is being observed annually in August to high-point the importance of vaccination for people in the United States. We are using this opportunity to highlight the importance of vaccinations for animals and the eradication of deadly diseases.

The first vaccine ever developed was for the immunization of people against smallpox, and it was developed in 1797 by Edward Jenner.

The first vaccine that can be used in animals but was primarily used in people was the rabies vaccine in 1885, developed by Louis Pasteur and Emilie Roux.

It is very important to follow the guidelines for vaccinating the animals for which you are responsible, whether it is a dog, cat or farm animal. Eradicating deadly diseases with annual vaccination and following vaccination guidelines is very important. Today, all these diseases are preventable and it is very sad to see a puppy dying from parvo or distemper, or a kitten dying from FeLV.

Check the vaccination carton of your pet and make sure not to be behind any vaccination date ????


Happy National Immunization Awareness Month!

Dr. Brett Beckman cover image
Veterinary Dental Maxillary Canine Tooth Extraction in a Dog - Video by Dr. Brett Beckman
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An ode to AHEMS - by Harriet Long
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