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National Mutt Day (Also called National Mixed Breed Dog Day) was initiated back in 2005 by Colleen Paige. Colleen is an animal welfare advocate and celebrity pet and family lifestyle, expert. NMD is celebrated twice yearly, on July 31st and December 2nd with a sole purpose to celebrate, embrace and popularize dogs of mixed breed origins. This special day has a lot more philanthropy to it than it appears. The majority of dogs in shelters around the world are mutts; more precisely 80% of shelter dogs cannot be identified as a specific breed. Pure breed dogs also end up in shelters. The main difference is that they get rescued more quickly compared to mutts. The reason is that some people can get a pure breed dog they always wanted less expensively this way, and also there are various pure breed rescue organizations that adopt them. By celebrating National Mutt Day people can be educated about the desperate need of new homes and families for mixed breed dogs.

National Mutt DayThe word ‘mutt’ is often used to describe something or someone inferior by means of origin. Regarding canines, mutts are mixed breed origin dogs without a specific identifiable breed. The majority of dogs in the world are mutts, and most owners are perfectly fine using the word. Mutts are created by accidental mixing of two or more different breeds, while crossbreeds, on the other hand, are purposely bred to achieve characteristics of two official breeds transferred onto the offspring. By any means, mutts aren’t inferior to pure breed dogs, as well as crossbreeds. In fact, they tend to be highly intelligent, lovable and resistant to many diseases.

As we mentioned before, mixed breeds or mutts are generally a lot healthier, live longer and might even appear better behaved and grateful. There are numerous examples of mutts being trained to be service dogs and even help the police doing different tasks.

National Mutt DayThere are many ways you can contribute to the cause and celebrate National Mutt Day. Almost all rescue organizations and shelters around the USA offer discounts when you want to adopt a mixed breed dog. If you always wanted a fluffy friend in your home this is the day to do it! Getting a mutt just around the holidays will be a great mood booster for you, your family and friends, and you will save an innocent soul which will be forever grateful.

If you aren’t feeling ready to adopt a mutt there are other things you can do to help. Get informed about volunteering at the shelters near your home. Go and visit all the beautiful dogs sheltered! Find some time to play with them and take them for a walk. Shelter and animal rescue staff have their hands-full of daily duties so offer your services for the day. Spare at least $5 to donate to your local shelter. Their expenses are high so every cent they get is very worthy to them. Aside from money, you can also donate food and other supplies rescues and shelters require.

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