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National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15

This holiday is observed annually on July 15th and it is here to prepare us how to act in catastrophic situations such as fires. Just like fire drills in schools and office buildings, our pets need to be taken into consideration when we are preparing for fire emergencies.

dog fire extinguisherIt is very important to be prepared and take preventative measures so you and your pet can be safe in situations like these. Many times even our pets can be the cause of a fire, and also they can be the first casualties of a fire emergency.

Few things that are very important are to be prepared to extinguish any open flames because pets are curious creatures and can cause more damage. If you have cats, consider using flames candles because we all know that cats love to knock things over. They can even set themselves on fire with just wagging the tail over a candle. It is practical to keep pets in a fire-retardant area of your home when you’re not there. They can’t accidentally cause a fire like that.

Always have a plan, in case of emergency, which family member is responsible for rescuing the pet.

Observe this holiday by sharing tips and personal experience with others on social media and use the hashtags #PetFireSafetyDay and #ILoveVeterinary

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