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National puppy day is a holiday celebrated on March 23rd in the United States. The holiday originated in 2006 when Colleen Paige founded the celebration. In 2012 the holiday has become an international sensation and celebration. This holiday is introduced to the public and is celebrated with the purpose to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies are giving to us and the unmeasurable joy that they bring to our lives and homes. This day is also used to raise awareness for all the abandoned and orphaned puppies waiting in the shelters or roaming the streets. The goal is to find a home for every puppy and we will not give until every cage is empty.

It is estimated that in the entire world there are approximately 500-600 million dogs, domestic and strays. Just in the USA, 2.11 million puppies are sold just from puppy mills. That is a devastating fact considering that puppy mills only exist for the profit and generally do not care for the health of the dogs, for their welfare and genetic diversity.


How can we celebrate this day?

– by adopting a puppy from a shelter. Visit your local shelter and give a puppy a chance for life.

– by raising awareness on social media. Use the hashtags #NationalPuppyDay and #PuppyDay when you share photos of your dogs.

– by watching a documentary on puppy mills. Check out “Dog by Dog”, “Madonna of the Hills” and “I’m Alive”

– by donating money and/or your time to the local shelter or an animal organization that supports and helps stray animals. These shelters are always short of people to help them feed the animals, play with them, socializing and cleaning.


If you intend to buy your next dog, consider buying from a reputable dog breeder and not a puppy mill. If you want to adopt, visit your local shelter and choose a pup that suits your lifestyle and energy ????

And either way, love your puppy forever! ????


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