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National Wildlife Week


National wildlife week is celebrated March 12-16 annually since 1938 and it has a very rich history. This represents a long-running educational program that connects conservationists of all ages and throughout the country to explore and contribute to the awesome wonders of wildlife.

Celebrating National Wildlife Week is a chance to learn a tad more about the wonderful animals that inhabit North America, their habitats, their mating cycles and rituals, and of course how can we contribute to preserve them and help them thrive.

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This year’s theme is “Final Fur” for which The National Wildlife Federation is highlighting 32 native species that will go head-to-head to win the championship title. If you want to participate in this Fur race visit their website

How can we be a part of the celebration of National Wildlife Week?

– get to know this year’s competitors and learn as much as you can about the species.

– get into research. Learn more about endangered and threatened species in your state.

– encourage your school to engage with biodiversity and dedicate a class to teach about the wildlife in North America.

– volunteer at your local wildlife shelter or rescue center

– organize or participate in a water cleaning event. Many animals rely on clean and healthy waters to live.

– see if you can participate in a research about a specific species at your local college or University.

– symbolically adopt an animal ???? Go to the National Wildlife Federation adoption center.


Engage yourself in your community and be part of the change in the world.

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