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National Zoo and Aquarium Month – June

zoo entrance The Summer just started and this is the perfect occasion to start celebrating by visiting the local ZOO or an aquarium near you. But there is one more reason to head out and visit the animals: it is a whole month dedicated to their preservation and conservation, dedicated to keeping the wildlife species protected.

giraffe zoo eatingZoos and aquariums are facilities where we can see some of the most exotic and most dangerous wild animals up close, but still at a safe distance. Some people will argue that zoos and aquariums are jails for the animals and they exist only for the profit of people. But there is also the argument the most of the zoos and aquariums are fighting to preserve the endangered species and to keep the animals alive. Some of them deal with animals that were injured or are old and will never survive by themselves in the wild. In the wild, it’s survival of the fittest.

dolphinsBesides the conservation, education is one other thing zoos and aquarium provide for the people. Where else children will learn about the wildest animals and see them in person? Many zoos and aquariums offer guided tours for students and this is a great way to teach youth how to love and respect wildlife.

Many zoos and aquariums offer volunteer positions if you want to see how things are done there up close. This is a great way to contribute to the community and to be part of the conservation of the animals.

Happy National Zoo and Aquarium Month!

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