New Veterinary Technician Specialty Recognized by NAVTA

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A brand new veterinary technician specialty is recognized by NAVTA. The recent addition to the list of veterinary technician specialties is Diagnostic Imaging. With this new specialty added to the list of acknowledged specialties, NAVTA counts a total of 16 veterinary technician specialties.

According to NAVTA, an academy is consisted out of veterinary technicians with credentials and that are recognized as specialists in a certain area after finishing professional training in that area and proper testing. All the new veterinary technicians that would like to have this new title will have to go through the training and testing and at the end, they would be able to add “VTS – DI” to their title.

The newest academy for veterinary technicians in diagnostic imaging describes the new specialty as a higher level of veterinary diagnostic imaging modalities. The imaging modalities include ultrasound, digital radiography, Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and more.

The Academy for diagnostic imaging is still going through the recognition process and all information for potential members will be announced January 2019.

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