Obesity found in pets is a condition that is defined as a nutritional disease that results in excess of body fat. Dogs that are at most risk are the ones that are constantly overfed, don’t have the ability to exercise or just have the tendency to retain weight.

Obesity is a very serious disease which can result in adverse health effects that can reduce your pet’s life expectancy.

Multiple parts of the body are affected by obesity, including the bones and joints, the GI tract, the respiratory system etc.

Data collected from “Nationwide” (a pet insurance company) shows that pet obesity is on the rise for the seventh straight year. So, in the last 4 years, there has been 24% rise in insurance claims that are obesity-related. The company has a database of more than 630 000 pets with insurance and used it to determine the 10 most common dog and cat health conditions that are obesity-related.

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