Oral Care Nurse 2018 is a training course for which over 400 veterinary nurses already registered to attend. The course is a partnership between the BVNA (the British Veterinary Nursing Association) and BVDA (the British Veterinary Dental Association). The course is supported by the VN Times and Mars Petcare.

This course in dental care is online and it will help to provide veterinary nurses with more than the basic knowledge and skills to deliver an effective oral care in the clinic, raise awareness of the oral health in pets and the skills to early identify pets that will be in a need of a greater oral care attention in the future.

For certification, all candidates must complete 3 modules which consist of webinars, videos, short tasks, and questionnaires.

The cost of the course is just £10 for BVNA/BVDA nurse members and £30 for non-members attendees.

Read more details about this course on dental health in pets here: https://goo.gl/C3KthX