Owners of “vegan cats” might face charges

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The RSPCA is warning that owners of “vegan cats” might face charges because that type of diet is dangerous and not sufficient for a cat. Cat owners that are following the vegan/vegetarian trend and are bringing their cats with them are seriously depriving them of the most important nutrients they need.

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Cats on a vegan diet are lacking taurine, vitamin A and arachidonic acid that is only found in meat. And not to mention that cats are carnivores and not herbivores, so this is not natural for them.

The RSPCA says that there are laws under the Animal Welfare Act that state that the pet owner must ensure that all the pet’s needs are met. This includes suitable living conditions, protection from disease, pain, suffering, and injury, AND HEALTHY DIET. Vegan diet for cats is in no way healthy.

Veterinary professionals advise that even if the cat “seems healthier than ever” when you switched her to a vegan diet, there are no real benefits of this diet and there might be serious health damage along the way on major organ systems.

Read the original story “Cat owners who force their pets to go VEGAN risk “making their pet seriously ill”, RSPCA warns”.

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