Pain Symptoms in Dogs and Cats

It’s National Pain Awareness month and we decided to make an infographic about the pain symptoms in dogs and cats.
Our pets, no matter if it is a dog or a cat, can be masters in disguising the pain they feel. This is an instinct they kept from “the old days” when they had to hide their pain in order to survive. When animals live in packs, this instinct saves them from being chased away from the group or even eaten because they are weak and can slow them down.

Real masters when it comes to pain are the cats. Cats can suffer silently and hide their pain symptoms very good.
But at the same time, our pets are creatures of habit, and we as pet owners must we aware of all habits they have and notice if anything changes. Some painful diseases or disorders are very obvious, like a car accident and obvious fracture or an open wound. But other disorders might be more difficult to notice. Our pets have some subtle ways to show that they are in pain and it is our job to notice these signs.

On the infographic below are listed the most common pain symptoms and what they might present.
If your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort of any kind and showing one or more of these pain symptoms, take the pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible.


pain symptoms in dogs and cats infographic


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