Pet Peeves From Our Readers!

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Ah yes! Part pun, part non-pun. We all love to have them! It’s that moment that Karen enters the practice, forgets her manners, and rushes her pampered and permed pooch to the front of the line while other patients and pet owners wait their turn during stringent covid protocols.

Or is Mrs. Jones phoning every five minutes to ask how Sophie, her budgie is doing, when there is seemingly no ailment at all?

We thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you, our readers, engaged so much with us. In your honor, we felt that we simply HAD to share your peeves with our other readers so that they can be left in stitches too. 

Pet Peeves From Our Readers!

There were much debate and engagement on Cole Benthien’s post about his pet peeve when clients trust their pet breeders more than they do their veterinarian or vet tech! 

Vet and pet owner with dog, Pet Peeves From Our Readers - I Love Veterinary

Rachael Hendrix: “Clients who own large/x-large dogs and haven’t bothered to teach them a single manner or shred of obedience and are therefore a nightmare to handle.”

Angela Casagrande absolutely despises the fact when small dog owners think it is cute when their small breed challenges a larger breed and subsequently becomes aggressive towards the bigger dog. #eek!

Tina Garnick: “Having to deal with people who own animals that have no right owing them. Either they don’t have the financial means to use preventives, or they know absolutely nothing about the animal they own now. Everyone’s standards are different. I hated people declawing their cats and cropping ears and tails on certain breeds. The only money made in vet med is surgeries. And finally, pet owners are the most rude and entitled people I have ever worked with. Not saying they all are horrible!”

Niki Engelbert hits the nail on the head when she says that sometimes clients have unrealistic expectations when wanting medicines to work instantly, after being advised that this won’t be the case. Still, they then phone the practice complaining that the prescribed medication “is not working.”

Kenzie Gerig feels that in some instances, pet owners don’t do their due diligence before settling on a specific breed. Kenzie shared that sadly in most cases, owners with German Shepard Dogs GSD have this mindset. #shocker!

German Shepard, Pet Peeves From Our Readers - I Love Veteirnary

Monica Renae: “Clients who think I can’t lift anything over 20 pounds because I’m a girl.” #YouGoGirl! #GirlsRunTheWorld

Merryeli Rodriguez shocked us by sharing that some pet owners drop their pets off, leaving them alone and scared at the vet while they run errands.

Ginny Brown: “Clients who ask for nail trims in the room with them…then say after “wow, my baby must like you. They didn’t bite!”

Maura DeRemer has a pet peeve with pet owners that want to make use of a 2-for-1 appointment system where they have only reserved an appointment for one pet, and the other pet has been neglected for a week.

Rebecca Hamilton: “Owners not leaving a working number to be contacted by on the day of surgery. It happens more often than you would think.

Owner compliance!!!!”

Cindy Watson Wolff and many other readers have a pet peeve against pet parents who are well-informed to collect their pet at a particular time before the practice closes. They don’t even share a work number for the vet to be able to phone them with a status update after surgery. 

Apparently, this gets mitigated by some vets by deploying the hospital charge fee and advising pet owners to return the following morning to collect their pets.

Vet with dog and owner, Pet Peeves From Our Readers - I Love Veterinary

Brain Bloodworth, Margaret Curtis, and Aly Gaspar collectively shared their horror at pet owners waiting until the last minute to take their pets to the vet, after they firstly do not have the financial means, but expect the best care in the world. This is irksome furthermore by the owners getting upset if the pet does not make it.

Ashley Sexton Hodson: “Cats coming to the clinic not in carriers and clients thinking we are going to bring them across the parking lot in our arms into the building. We are still doing curbside bc of covid.”

Brandy Hurley Hately: “When someone puts a bowl of dog food near the opening side of the cage door so that the excited dog will inevitably step in it, and spill it every whereas I am opening his door to get him out, and I then have to stop what I’m doing to clean up the kibble that just got showered all over the entire kennel floor. That’s honestly the only thing I can think of, but it drives me nuts!”

Final Thoughts

There are many other pet peeves listed on our I Love Veterinary Facebook page for your enjoyment. We love it when our readers interact with us, so keep the comments coming.

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