Pets as Christmas gifts and why it’s not a good idea

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Pets as Christmas gifts and why it’s not a good idea? With Christmas around the corner, you might be getting the idea of buying a wriggling fur-ball of cuteness for your kids or other friends and family. We won’t discourage buying those that already know what a new pet in the home means, but the rest might think twice and realize that this isn’t such a good idea after all. There are many reasons why pets as Christmas gifts aren’t recommended and will we mention only part of them.


Pets as Christmas gifts and why it’s not a good ideaAs fragile and sensitive as puppies and kittens are, the situation only gets worse during the winter. You will be obligated to home-train the animal until the conditions outside are a bit more bearable while cleaning a lot after them. People suffer from cold and flu during the winter a lot more so having a house-full of runny noses is hard to cope with.

You didn’t make a plan and thorough research

The pet won’t be there to entertain you only for a few days. This is a lifetime obligation for every member of the family and thus requires detailed planning about daycare, feeding, vet appointments, bedding, walks, exercise, vacations and the list just goes on and on. Reading about pet nutrition, prevention of diseases, training, grooming, and hygiene requires time and nerves. Even experienced owners have a hard time with every new puppy because there is a lot of work to be done.

The festive spirit will soon be over

Pets as Christmas gifts and why it’s not a good ideaOf course, you want to see your kids’ smiling faces, but making this impulsive move will only keep them happy and satisfied for a while. Maybe they promised to take care of the pet; however, kids just aren’t that reliable. Once they get bored and the holidays end you will be the one that has to take the dog for a walk out in the rain, twice a day.

Check the statistics

So maybe you are convinced that you will take the responsibility as seriously as possible and keep and love the pet forever. You are not the only person who thinks this, but soon enough everyone finds out how big of a mistake they made. Shelters around the world are filled with new, abandoned pets few months after Christmas, and the statistics don’t lie.

Responsible breeders aren’t available at the time

Getting a healthy dog or cat from a reliable breeder is almost impossible during the holidays. Experienced breeders know the destiny of pets bought for Christmas and avoid such burden by simply not selling them. So what you will most likely buy around this time of the year are inbred animals with genetic and other health disorders and most likely behavioral issues.

It was your first and easiest idea

Maybe you got this idea because it was the most obvious one, a thing your kids can’t stop talking about. We assure you there are many more thoughtful gifts to be bought. The point of every gift is to show someone how much you care and carefully choosing a present shows how much you actually do.


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