A new research study, from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, claims that studying pets (dogs and cats) with osteoarthritis could have a substantial impact for the development of an effective therapy and pain management for humans who suffer the same condition.

The lead author, Duncan Lascelles CVM, says that companion animals with a natural occurring disease like osteoarthritis are the perfect models for this kind of research. This research will benefit both, companion animals and humans. He says that osteoarthritis in dogs and cats is amazingly similar to the human osteoarthritis, as well as its appearance on radiographs, the impaired mobility, and sleeping difficulties.

Duncan Lascelles is one of just a few researchers in the whole world that focusses on measuring and treating pain in companion animals. He is confident that researching spontaneous painful diseases in pets can lead to a successful development of chronic pain therapies for humans.


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