There has been a terrible death at the Ingwelala private Nature Reserve, near the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

A man has been killed by the lions in an attempt to protect themselves. The people working at the Nature reserve say that there is no sympathy for the man that died because he was not an innocent victim.

According to their statements and the police, the unfortunate man was a poacher that has killed one of their lion cubs. The pride acted on instinct and killed him viciously. The people working at the Ingwelala Nature reserve gave a statement that the lions ate everything except for the head.

This is a very natural behavior for lions. In the wild, if they encounter a situation like this, they will act the same way immediately. There only 300 000 lions left on this planet, 200 000 of which living in the African areas. Most of them are kept in private facilities for entertainment.

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