Rex and his owner. Photo courtesy of

Rex, the 6-month old German Shepherd is one lucky dog. The luck started with having wonderful owners willing to do whatever it takes to make him healthy and happy and strived with the team of veterinarians at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA).

Rex was unfortunate to be diagnosed with a cardiac problem, a small defect described as a bundle of muscle inside the wall of his heart. He was born with this heart defect and it caused him to have very low energy and severe arrhythmias.

He was diagnosed at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, and Dr. Singletary, DVM, DACVIM, a veterinary cardiologist decided to perform a delicate and complicated procedure on him in order to restore his quality of life. Her team performed radio-frequency catheter ablation and with the heated tip of the catheter, they destroyed the abnormal tissue in the heart.

The procedure went without complications and Rex came out running and has never stopped since.

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