Rat Tumor Removal – Video by Dr. Evan Antin

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A rat tumor removal video by Dr. Evan Antin.
Did you know mammary tumors in rats are extremely common!? Luckily, most of them are benign and surgically removing them is curative. However, there’s always a chance that new tumors spring up later on. This surgery video is a little graphic but goes through my entire process of removing a very large mammary mass from an adult female rat. Thanks for watching!

Mammary tumors in rats are very common. They can be benign (fibroadenomas), or malignant (adenocarcinomas). Read our article and find out more about Dog Mammary Tumor.
Mammary tumors in rats can form at any age, but most frequently they are seen in rats older than 18 months.
Studies have shown that the most frequent factor for tumor formation in rats is the diet. It is shown that caloric intake affects tumor formation in rats.

On the video below, the lovely Dr. Evan Antin will show you the procedure of tumor removal. Here the tumor is big but well encapsulated and benign. Make sure to watch the video till the happy end 🙂

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