Animal abuse or animal cruelty/neglect is the infliction of pain or harm by omission or commission by humans upon a non-human animal.

Most veterinarians in small practices can see these forms of animal abuse: dog fighting, puppy mills, and animal hoarding.

Till now, veterinarians that wanted to report some form of abuse often had to encounter bureaucratic runarounds. They all say that they need a unified system like the ones for reporting child abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

The National Link Coalition has published a new directory of agencies that will investigate animal abuse. This new directory identifies more than 6500 counties, cities, and towns in the US. It also identifies all the agencies that do follow-ups on these reports.

An interactive map has been made, with the list of names and phone numbers of all investigative agencies, organized by states and cities. This makes reporting animal abuse much easier!

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