Very often, at the farms, veterinarians are seen as a disposable commodity in the eyes of the farmers.

According to the managing director of the Westpoint Veterinary Group and veterinarian Matthew Dobbs, mean herd health suffers because of the relationship farmers have with their vets.

They say, that historically, veterinarians struggled to forge strong relationships with the farmers and that greatly affected the whole health of the group. To be able to avoid being seen as disposable, veterinarians should rethink their approach to the working relationship with the staff at the farm. This includes working closely with them and with outside consultants to ensure improvements in the health of the herd. This close approach gives the unique opportunity to know the herd very well, their routines and the ability to spot any problems very early and start treatments.

Veterinarian Matthew Dobbs suggests a “two-vet system” where both can be fully aware of the progress at the farm and any potential problems and risk that have to be addressed.

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