A recent research study, done by the VetCompass, sheds new light on joint disease, diagnosis, and treatment. The study analyzed 455 557 dogs from different breeds and concluded that the Rottweilers are the breed that showed the highest predisposition in developing osteoarthritis.

Other breeds that were high on the list were English sheepdogs, Dogues De Bordeaux and Labrador Retrievers.

Osteoarthritis in dogs, or degenerative joint disease, can be defined as a progressive and permanent deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints. The term osteoarthritis is used for chronic inflammation of the joints. Symptoms may vary from decreased activity, lameness to stiff gait.

Dogs usually get a diagnosis like this later in life, on average by the age of 10. The study shows that the dogs that had a weight higher than the average for their breed were 2.3 times more likely to develop osteoarthritis, and males were slightly more predisposed than females.

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