Animals can be poisoned by marijuana in many different ways and no matter in which way they were poisoned, it is very important to recognize the signs of marijuana toxicity in pets.
Our pets, dogs and cats, can get themselves in trouble with marijuana when they ingest it, like if they sneak and steal pot brownies, pot butter or the whole stash. Even second-hand smoke can have a serious effect on our pets.

The signs of marijuana toxicity in pets can be observed anywhere from 5 minutes after ingestion/inhalation to 12 hours after exposure. The signs of marijuana toxicity in pets can last from 30 minutes to a few days, all depends on the amount ingested/inhaled.

On the infographic below you can see the most common signs of marijuana toxicity in pets that you need be aware of. If you suspect that your dog or cat might have eaten a pot brownie or some of the stash, take your pet to a veterinary clinic ASAP.

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marijuana toxicity in pets infographic


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