Silent Fireworks for Animal Welfare

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dog image scared

We all know what effect fireworks have on our pets. Imagine being a dog peacefully napping in your yard and suddenly the sky explodes in infinite colors and loud noises. You’d be terrified. 

Well, pets get terrified around fireworks more than you can think of. With 4th of July just behind us, have you stopped to think ho dogs celebrated it?

There are statistics that the days after a major holiday, like 4th of July for example, are the days when most dogs visit the veterinary clinics for a problem like panic attacks, injuries because they were too scared and tried to escape and hide, or even got hit by a car.

In an attempt to fight these statistics, the town of Collecchio in Italy decided to make old-school fireworks illegal and to replace them with silent ones. Yes, there is a company, called Setti Fireworks, that makes silent fireworks. They say that this is a great way to reduce the stress loud noise cause to the animals, not just the domestic, but the wildlife too.

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