Sleeping with your dog in the same room

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A research study, conducted by the researchers at the Centre for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, discovered that sleeping with your dog in the same room actually helps you sleep better.

Until now it was believed that having pets in the bedroom is a form of disruption and that people will sleep more anxiously.

Sleeping with your dogThe study showed that no matter how big or small the dog is, a Yorkie or a Bull Mastiff, it helps for us to sleep easier. The study was conducted on 40 healthy adults that had a dog in their bedrooms for a period of 5 months. All humans and their dogs wore trackers that recorded their sleeping habits and patterns results revealed that sleeping with a dog has a lot of health benefits and makes falling asleep much easier. They confirmed that dogs tend to have similar sleeping patterns with their owners and that in fact they really dream.

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