ESDA or The European Society of Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis will have a congress this year that will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 5th to 7th of July.

At the Congress, leading experts from all around the world will discuss the examination approach and the scientific progress that is made in the cases of Angiostrongylus and Dirofilaria across Europe; they will show which are the best procedures for every practice in the subject of diagnosis, prevention and treatment; and last but not least, they will discuss the best way to educate the veterinary practitioners on the prevention and treatment of parasitic infections.

As an addition to the Congress, a scientific symposium will be held on the topic of Angiostrongylus vasorum in small animals, hosted by Bayer Animal Health, and with a speech by Eric Morgan, a researcher in veterinary parasitology from the Queen’s University of Belfast.

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