Stomatitis Extraction Pain Evaluation – Video by Dr. Brett Beckman

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The video below will show Stomatitis Extraction Pain Evaluation in a cat.
Stomatitis is the term used to define an inflammation in the oral cavity. Feline stomatitis is a very common, very painful and very often life-threatening condition in cats from all breeds and all ages. Some breeds of cats are more prone to stomatitis, like Persian cats, Himalayan, and Somali cats.

The most common sign of stomatitis in cats is bad breath (halitosis), and inflammation and redness of the gingiva (the gums). In some cases of stomatitis, the inflammation can spread back to the throat (oropharynx) and the tissue can become so inflamed and enlarged that can cause severe pain and trouble swallowing. When this happens, cats refuse to eat even soft food. In some cases of stomatitis, teeth can become reabsorbed and the gingiva may appear like growing over the tooth.

Therapy of feline stomatitis combines different techniques like medical, surgical and combination therapy options.
Surgical options involve dental extractions with wide excision of the inflamed gingival tissues.

On the video below, Dr. Brett Beckman, a certified veterinary dentist, will show you how to evaluate pain in a cat suffering from stomatitis that has undergone a dental extraction therapy.

If you want to learn more about veterinary dentistry and Dr. Brett Beckman, read “Veterinary dentistry with Dr. Brett Beckman” on our blog.

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