National Animal Shelter Week

National Animal Shelter Week – 5-11 November

This week we celebrate National Animal Shelter Week and we hope that more amazing dogs will get adopted and find forever loving homes. This celebratory week was brought by The Humane Society of the United States and it’s celebrated annually the first full week of November. This is a way to honor all animal shelters and the people who tirelessly …

Animal Health Week

Animal Health Week – Sep. 30 – Oct. 06

This week we celebrate Animal Health Week, a 30-year tradition brought by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Every year, the CVMA puts the focus on one important aspect of the animal’s health, and this year the focus is on vaccination under the motto “Vaccines save lives”. The importance of this awareness-raising week dedicated to the animals is to educate pet …

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Animal Lifespans

Have you ever wondered how long different animals live in captivity? On the infographic below you can check out some of the most popular animals in zoos, including some of the domestic ones. Source. Get this as a poster for your clinic or classroom! Order HERE!

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National Zoo and Aquarium Month – June

The Summer just started and this is the perfect occasion to start celebrating by visiting the local ZOO or an aquarium near you. But there is one more reason to head out and visit the animals: it is a whole month dedicated to their preservation and conservation, dedicated to keeping the wildlife species protected. Zoos and aquariums are facilities where …

Animals are people too – by Harriet Long

By Harriet Long ( Harriet The Vet Student ) It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘vet school bubble’. You’re surrounded by people who want to dedicate their lives to animals and who value their health and welfare oftentimes above their own. It feels like everyone is working towards the common goal of making the lives of animals better …

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day – May 12

Motivated by recent catastrophic events and natural disasters where many animals were accounted for dead in the aftermaths (ex. Hurricane Katrina – 600.000 animals killed), May 12 was declared as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day by The Federal Emergency Agency’s Citizen’s Corp in 2010. This day serves to remind all people that both pets and livestock need some sort of …

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Animal Heart Rates

ANIMAL HEART RATES HUMMINGBIRD – 1000 bpm – heart weight: 0.0035 lbs PIGMY SHREW – 1300 bpm – heart weight: 0.001056 lbs – they eat 3 times their weight per day to maintain their metabolism CHEETAH – 120-170 (resting), 200-250 (running) bpm – speed: 120 km/h GIRAFFE – 150 bpm – heart weight: 11kg / 25 lbs – giraffes have …