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Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 22

Having an animal-friendly work environment is probably everyone’s dream. Being a veterinary professional is making that dream come true ???? But for everybody else, that aren’t that lucky to work with animals every day, there is a holiday – the “Take your dog to work day” celebrated annually in June in the past 20 years. This holiday occurs every year on the Friday right after Father’s Day, and this year that is today, June 22nd. dog and man on a laptop

The holiday was started with the sincere hope that people without pets will see how beautiful a bond is the one between a man and his dog and decide to get one for themselves.

The Holiday was started by “Pet Sitters International”, an organization for pet sitters and dog walkers where the pet owners can search for available pet sitters. They held their first event in 1999.

Surveys show that having pets at the workplace has many health benefits like lower blood pressure, less anxiety among employees and increase in physical activity. This also helps companies attract and keep employees, especially the young ones.

Did you take your dog to work today? ????

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