The Best Dog Collars You Can Buy Online

A Short History on the Dog Collar

The dog collar has been around almost as long as dogs have been pets of humans. It is a way to show ownership for other people to be aware of, but also a way to dress your pet in style. 

The best dog collars you can buy online should be durable, attractive, and comfortable for your pet, so they feel as though they could wear them all the time if that is needed. 

The Best Dog Collars You Can Buy Online

When looking for a dog collar, it’s essential to pay attention to the fit, style, and color of the collar. This is based not only on the size of your dog for what is most comfortable but also on your personal preference for what it looks like on your dog. 

For fit, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath the dog collar to ensure it is not too tight. There are many different types of dog collars, so be sure to look closely at each one to find the right one for you and your pup.  

So, here are the best dog collars on Amazon:

Best dog collars you can buy on Amazon

Blueberry Pet Essentials

This dog collar comes in sizes X-Small to Large but can also have a customized size if you order it. This dog collar is nylon and comes in over five different colors for you to pick a cute dog collar of your choice!

It is well-loved by many. The collar does not stretch, so be sure to follow the two-finger rule. With a buckle closure, this dog collar is sure to stay on your pet without them wiggling out of it or breaking the buckle. 

Carhartt Pet

This is a fully adjustable webbing collar. This reflective dog collar allows you to see your dog at night, and if it ever gets out in an accident, cars will be able to see the reflective collar to help with safety. 

This collar comes in sizes Medium and Large and an array of colors. The buckle is made of half metal, half plastic, which helps with the product’s durability. Your dog will be comfortable, safe, and stylish with this product. 


This is an adjustable, reflective dog collar. Coming in X-small all the way to Large, this collar will fit your dog in its respective size. The material is nylon, which fast dries and is reflective for safety. 

Country Brook Petz

This is a premium nylon dog collar that comes in over twenty-five colors for you to choose from. It is one-inch thick and is “worn like a hug” on your dog due to the comfy nylon. It’s built with USA aluminum and steel. 

CollarDirect Leather

This is a rolled leather dog collar, making this perfect for large dogs who may rip out of their collars if they are on a lead and get excited. Coming in over ten colors and seven sizes, this dog collar will fit almost any size dog. 

This is a designer dog collar because it is handmade and designed. 

CollarDirect Nylon

This nylon dog collar is complete with beautiful designs and vivid colors. It comes in three different patterns you can choose from, as well as five different fits and styles. The nylon is strong and flexible, allowing for some leeway, so be sure to measure your dog’s neck well when fitting the collar to them.

This item will prove to be a great investment in your dog’s style, safety, and comfort. 


This dog collar comes in over ten different designs, including pumpkins for Halloween, bees, and flowers for spring, and even space themes if you are feeling out of this world. This is one of the best dog collars for training because it is soft and allows your dog to be comfortable while learning to behave correctly.

This particular collar is convenient and easy to use due to its soft material and easy clasp buckle. 

Black Rhino

This is a heavy-duty, padded, adjustable collar. This is one of the best dog collars for large dogs because it is so strong, it cannot be pulled apart to break out of it. This particular collar goes all the way to size extra large for even the biggest of dogs. 

This is one of the best dog collars you can buy online. 

PETSAFE Quick Snap Buckle

The PETSAFE Quick Snap Buckle is a dog collar that comes in five different colors and five different sizes, so it can basically fit any type of dog or breed that you need it to. This collar does not cause matting or baldness around the neck due to its soft nylon material. It is also slip-proof, so your dog will stay in the collar no matter what. 

This is a great collar to introduce to your new dog. 


This collar is made from a Polyester material. The vintage look to the collar calls for style and safety for your dog. With six different sizes to choose from, your dog will surely fit this collar. It also has an authentic miniature seatbelt buckle to ensure your pup stays within the collar. 

Yellow Dog Design

Sized from X-small to Large, this dog collar is sure to fit lots of breeds. With its funky design, your dog will turn heads with its style. Because it’s 100% nylon, the vibrant colors will not fade, and your dog will be comfortable within it. 

This dog collar ensures safety, style, and comfortability. 

Soft Touch Collars

This is a leather dog collar that is padded to ensure your pup is both safe and comfortable. The leather allows for stronger holds with the leash, so your large breed dog will not be able to bust out of its color if it starts running away. 

This is one of the best dog collars you can buy online today.

Go on a Walk!

Overall, your dog needs to be comfortable and safe. With this list of dog collars, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your dog’s needs. 

So, order your favorite style of comfortable and safe dog collars listed here, and take your pup on that run he’s been looking forward to all day.