The Best Elizabethan Collar to Buy Online

The Dreaded Cone of Shame

We all know the look our dog gives us when the dreaded cone of shame comes out. It doesn’t matter if it is a soft inflatable Elizabethan collar or one made of plastic. Our pet hates it, and we hate to put in on them. 

But the Elizabethan collar has a fundamental purpose: It protects our furry friends. Whenever a dog or cat has undergone surgery, the standard procedure is to put the Elizabethan collar on them. It keeps them from licking, biting, or scratching the wound, helping to keep it from getting infected. 

An infected wound can lead to severe consequences for your best friend; besides the wound not closing correctly, it can eventually lead to blood poisoning. So as much as they hate it, the Elizabethan collar is their friend, and it is essential to put it on – and keep it on! – for as long as your veterinarian recommends. 

However, to help your pet be a little more comfortable, here is a guide to the best e collar out there!   

The Best Elizabethan Collar to Buy Online dog wearing a cone

How Do You Determine What Size Elizabethan Collar You Need?  

One of the questions veterinary professionals get asked is; what size cone/e-collar an owner may need for their pet? Luckily it is pretty easy to figure out. You just need your dog or cat to stand reasonably still, a measuring tape, and some treats! Then you need to measure: 

  • The neck circumference: This needs to be measured roughly around the area where your pet’s collar is typically placed. 
  • The depth/length of the neck: This is measured from the edge of your pet’s regular collar to the snout. 

This will tell you what size cone you need for your pet! The sizes mentioned in the guide below reflect the circumference of the neck in most cases. 

You can also use this sizing chart to determine the best fit for your pet.

Reviewing The Best Online Elizabethan Collar to Buy

Supet Dog Cone Adjustable Pet Cone

This e-collar is quite a simple one, but it does the job and will keep your pet from reaching and irritating any wounds. It also has a padded outer rim to prevent chafing. The e collar is made from translucent plastic, so your pet will still be able to look around and maintain its peripheral vision, although it will be a little blurry. It closes with a velcro neckline, making it easy to use. 

It is available in multiple sizes.

Fezep Dog Cone Collar

This Elizabethan collar is perfect for the multiple pet household as it comes in five sizes in one set! The five different dog cones can then be used for small, medium, large dogs, and even some cats. 

They are made from high-quality lightweight plastic, are non-toxic and sturdy, with an extra soft cotton flannel edge. It closes with velcro that can be adjusted to fit the size of your pet. 

These Elizabethan collars come in sizes #1 to #7 and fit any animal from a Miniature Pinscher to a Tibetan Mastiff! 

Woiworco Adjustable Donut Cat Recovery Collar 

This soft e-collar is not just helpful in keeping your pet from licking the wound; it is also cute to look at for us humans. It is made from cotton and is therefore soft, light and comfortable, and less likely to irritate pets’ skin. Another benefit of it is that it does not obstruct your pet’s vision, which is expected to frustrate them otherwise. Especially cats! 

Just be aware that some cats are flexible enough to still reach the area that bothers them while wearing this type of pet cone! 

The doughnut is closed with a buckle, which is adjustable to comfortably fit most cats and small dogs. It is suitable for any pet whose neck size is 6-7-10.6”.

ARRR Dog Comfy UFO Cone 

Like the e-collar above, this super comfy Elizabethan collar might be the perfect alternative to the plastic cone collar customarily used. It is made from a water-resistant material and filled with microfiber, which is dust-proof and mold-free. 

This means your dog can wear this e-collar anywhere you go, so you don’t have to worry about any licking and scratching, and they can still eat and drink freely. Like with the cat doughnut above, some dogs may reach the wound with this type of e collar. So when getting this, make sure first to observe your dog not to reach the area. 

This soft cone comes in sizes small to extra-large, or neck circumference 9.05-15.25” and is closed with an adjustable strap. 

E-KOMG Dog Collar

This Elizabethan collar is cone-shaped like the plastic ones but is padded and made with a soft sponge material, meaning it can bend and fold more easily than the plastic cones. 

This makes it far more comfortable. It is also waterproof, which means it is easy to clean and washable. Due to the clever design, it also doesn’t interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision!  

The e-collar also comes with a fluorescent strip so that you can see your pet in the dark. (Whether this is especially useful is another debate, as you hopefully don’t usually step on your dog in the night.)

Nonetheless, this Elizabethan collar is quite clever and helpful. Especially as it is easy to secure. The dog cone is fastened by placing the e-collar around the dog’s neck by matching the velcro strings. Hereafter, your dog’s everyday collar can be threaded through the cone loops. The cone is then held in place, meaning you can go to sleep assured the cone will stay securely in place. 

This Elizabethan collar comes in sizes small to extra-large, with neck circumferences from 10-23.5”, meaning even quite large dogs can wear it. 

Mummumi Pet Collar for Birds 

Sometimes even birds need an e-collar! These can be great for stopping self-inflicted harm like feather picking, scratching, and biting. This Elizabethan collar is made from cotton polyester and fastens with velcro. 

It comes in sizes small to large, with a size large being fit, for example, an African Grey Parrot. Be aware of the weight, though; birds are more likely to be bothered if the e-collar is too heavy, so make sure your bird is comfortable with the weight. 

KnocKconk Pink Breathable Dog Cone

This brightly colored Elizabethan collar is shaped with a broad and deep circle, which, besides keeping your pet from licking and scratching, will also allow it to have full vision still. 

It is made from a lightweight and breathable mesh material that is both bendable and soft, allowing your pet to drink freely, eat and sleep while wearing the cone. The edges are also so soft and comfortable, which will protect from chafing but will also protect your pet’s neck and fur. 

The pink e-collar comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large, or in sizes 7.8-12.6”. 

Mogoko Camouflage Pet Medical e-Collar

This funnel dog cone is made from sturdy plastic, but it also has a padded edge for extra comfort. It closes easily with a convenient touch fastener and is a safe and sound way of preventing your pet from licking or biting its skin and wounds. And of course, it comes in a green camo color, making it very special. 

This unique cameo e-collar comes in sizes ranging from 9-14.1”. 

Our Best Pick Amongst The Many E Collars Online

So which Elizabethan collar is the best then? Well, despite the little jab about the fluorescent stripe, there’s no doubt which one we prefer; it is, of course: E-KOMG Dog Collar! 

There are quite a few reasons for this pick: 

  • This e-collar is soft and flexible, allowing your pet to move around freely and sleep comfortably while wearing it.
  • It is designed ingeniously so it doesn’t interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision.
  • It can safely be secured to your pet’s everyday collar. No worrying, it will come off. 
  • Despite being made of fabric, it is washable. Anyone who’s ever had a dog with a dog cone will know how much they get covered in dirt, food, and everything else. 

Lastly, this great cone-of-shame does its job: It protects your pet from licking, biting, or scratching anything it is not supposed to reach.

Even the most flexible of pets will struggle to reach wounds or rashes while wearing this, and that is precisely what we need for our Elizabethan collar. For it to protect our furry friends the whole time, they’re wearing it! 

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