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Which are the best zoos in the World?
Zoos are places where you can spend a quality afternoon with your family and friends admiring the beauties and diversities mother nature has given us. On the more technical aspect, a zoo is a facility that houses animals within enclosures, displays them to the public and it’s a place where the animals are bred.

On the infographic below, you can see the top 5 Zoos in the world.


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    – Not only is this New Zealand’s largest zoo, but it is also the oldest. Over 500 animals with the inclusion of several endangered species, this zoo’s premises covers about 35-acres.
    – Even though it is smaller, this is a very special Zoo. The Wildlife Conservation Society setup its veterinarian society here. This society is responsible for providing care for 15,000 animals. The zookeepers’ interaction with the animals is publicly showcased to any type of visitors.
    – Known as ‘Zoorasia’ by many locals, this zoo facilitates over 1,500 animals and 150 species within its 100-acres of land. The most distinctive feature of this zoo is its 7 separate ecological areas, constructed carefully to mimic the animals’ natural habitats.
    – Being founded one and a half centuries ago, this zoo is a smashing home for over 9,500 animals and 1,500 species. It holds the honor of being the most visited zoo in all of Europe due to its increasingly diverse collection of animals.
    – This zoo can be accessed after embarking upon a 10-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay. Visitors get to experience all the animals one-on-one along with listening to educational talks about their lifestyles by the zookeepers.


If you would like to read more about Zoos, check out “What is the purpose of Zoos” on our blog.


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