The different groups of dogs that are widely known 

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Dogs can be classified into seven different groups. These groups are Sporting, herding, hounds terriers, working, and toy breeds. Due to these different classifications, dogs have different purposes and as so it is possible for us to identify them.

Here are the different groups of dogs

Herding dogs

This was the first dog classification to be established and it was done so in 1983 by an organization known as the American Kennel Club. Initially, the dogs that were categorized into this classification were first considered to be working dogs.herding dog, border collie, I Love Veterinary

The function of this type of dog is for herding purpose and that is only if it is trained to do so. Examples of these types of dogs are Border Collies, Australian Shepherd, and Old English Sheepdogs. These are the most common, but there are many others that fall under this category.

For you to be able to train these types of dogs you will be required to have lots and lots of space because of the running exercise.


These types of dogs have an amazing sense of smell and due to this ability they are used for tracking purposes. Another reason for their tracking purposes is that they have fantastic stamina hence they can perform their duties for long without getting fatigued easily unlike other dogs. basset hound drinking water I Love Veterinary

Examples of these breeds of dogs that would fall into this type of classification are the: Beagle, Greyhound, The Norwegian Elkhound,  and the Basset hound.

Working Dogs

These classification of dogs are bred in order to help human beings with various tasks such as: guarding/protecting their property, pulling sleds, and rescue and police work. The breeds of dogs that are commonly known to fall under this type of classification are Mastiffs, Akitas, Boxers, Huskys, Siberian, Great Danes, and ST. bernard dog, I Love Veterinary

Most families do not consider getting this type of dog as they require a considerable amount of space because of their large size also due to their great strength. Nowadays individuals prefer having adorable dogs like the ones you can find at 

Sporting dogs

Dogs domesticated for the purpose of sporting have great tracking abilities and amazing instincts. These sporting activities include fishing, hunting, and another outside/field activities. pointer dog, I Love Veterinary

Dogs that are classified in this group require to be regularly given loads of exercise since they are ever active. Pointers, English Setters, Golden retrievers, and Brittanys are examples of the dog breeds that fall into the sporting dogs’ classification.


The terriers classification is the type of dogs that are known to dig the ground so as they can capture their prey. Most of the dogs that are categorized into this group are known to have minimum tolerance and patience towards other dogs and they are also very energetic.bull terrier dog I Love Veterinary

Examples of dog breeds that fit into the terriers’ classification are Bull Terriers, Australian Terriers, and Irish Terriers. These are just but a few that are greatly known but there are twenty-five breeds of dogs that are classified to be in the terrier class.

Non-sporting dogs

Unlike the sporting dogs non-sporting dogs are normally domesticated for non-sporting activities just as their classification name states. These types of dogs are different in terms of personality-wise, size, and definitely appearance.

Most of these dogs are considered by many families due to their cuteness and adorableness. These dogs are the type of dogs that normally participate in competitions such as the most beautiful dog and even can be found in the circus doing tricks.standard poodle dog I Love Veterinary

Non-sporting dogs are considered to be very weak as compared to the other different classification of dogs like the herding dogs and the hounds. This, however, should not make you underestimate them as their bite can really hurt a lot, an example is the poodle which is known for its adorableness has greatly sent many individuals to the hospital to be checked as its bite is very painful.

Non-sporting dogs can provide you with security but very minimal security unlike other types of dogs as they will only bark at the intruder and thus alert you but will not attack the intruder. Examples of the dog breed that falls into this category of classification include Poodle, the American Eskimo Dog, and the French Bulldog.

Toy breeds

Dogs that weigh between four pounds and sixteen pounds are the type of dogs that are grouped into this classification known as the toy breeds. Toy breeds are easy to keep as they do not require large space due to them being small in size also research conducted by scientists have proven that the toy breeds tend to have a longer life span as compared to other classification of dogs like the hounds, working dogs, sporting dogs, and terriers.pomeranians running in the grass, I Love Veterinary

One of the reasons why they tend to have a longer life span is because they are not exposed to many dangers as the other classifications of dogs and also they do not engage themselves in many activities. Some of these types of dog breeds are: Pugs, Pomeranian, and Poodles.