Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Federal agents at the Mexico border had quite an unusual day when they found a black duffel bag with an unconscious baby tiger inside. According to their statements, 3 men were spotted trying to cross the border and enter the United States. Apparently, their mission was delivering the tiger cub to someone in the U.S.

Encountering problems, the men decided to go back to Mexico and leave the bag at the border. Now, the male tiger cub is a ward of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They contacted the Brownsville’s Gladys Porter Zoo and turned the cub over. The zoo reported that the tiger is two months old and appears to be in good health, besides the sedation for the journey he took in the duffel bag.

Animal smuggling is a billion-dollar trade. Luckily for this little tiger baby, he will not be a part of that ring anymore.

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