Top 4 Veterinary Colleges in Australia

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Using our list of the Top 4 Veterinary Colleges in Australia, you will have an overview of what this country has to offer. Choosing where to get your veterinary degree is not a decision to be taken lightly. Take your time to evaluate all prospects and figure out what you want. Make the decision based on the best fit for you individually, rather than the best according to a bunch of statistics.

If you have a specific area of medicine that you are attracted to or a specific learning format, look for universities that offer the opportunity to expand in those areas. Investigate special programs that may be offered.

If you are an international student, make sure the school accepts overseas students. Also, check any accreditations that you may be concerned with. Finally, not all universities require the same pre-requisites so be sure to check them thoroughly before applying.

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Veterinary Schools in Australia

University of Sydney, Faculty of Veterinary Science


The University of Sydney has the oldest continuous veterinary program of its kind in Australia. The veterinary school is about 10 minutes from downtown Sydney.

The university has two teaching hospitals with exposure to companion and farm animals, racing animals, wildlife and exotics.

The university offers a 6-year bachelor program of Veterinary Biology/DVM and a 4-year graduate entry DVM program. The bachelor program has 40 slots for residents and 35 openings for international students. The graduate DVM program has 22 seats for Australian residents and 27 international seats available.

Admission requirements vary based on the program you are applying for and whether you are a resident or an international student.

The program is recognized by the Veterinary Practitioners Board in each Australian state and territory, by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK, and also by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

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University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary Science


The University of Melbourne opened the first veterinary college in Australia in 1886. The veterinary college is located at the Parkville campus and the teaching hospital is located at the Werribee campus.

The college is upgrading both its teaching facilities and veterinary teaching hospital in 2017.

Melbourne offers a 4-year graduate-entry Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. In the third year of study, students choose their niche track specialty based on professional interests.

The college accepts 130 students annually with about 50 seats reserved for international students. Prerequisites apply depending on which admission route you are taking.

The DVM degree program is accredited by the AVMA, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK), and the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc.

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University of Queensland, School of Veterinary Science


The veterinary school is located about 40 miles from Brisbane. The teaching facilities, equine and small animal teaching hospitals are all located on the campus. The school also has ambulatory services for surrounding livestock farms.

The veterinary program is a 5-year undergraduate degree program. There are several entry pathways to the program and each has different requirements.

The school accepts 120 to 130 students yearly with about 40 spots reserved for international students.

The veterinary program is accredited by the AVMA, the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (United Kingdom), the Malaysian Veterinary Council, and the South African Veterinary Council.

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University of Adelaide, School of Animal and Veterinary Science


The veterinary school is located at the Roseworthy campus about 30 miles outside of Adelaide. It is a relatively new program that had begun in 2008. The college consists of a working farm, equine center, companion animal center, production animal center, and diagnostic laboratory.

Like Murdoch, Adelaide offers a dual degree program with a bachelor of veterinary bioscience and a DVM.

The entire program is 6 years. The program accepts about 120 applicants each year with reserved space for about 10 international students.

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Rankings are a good way to get started in your research into veterinary school, but you shouldn’t stop there. There are many other programs in Australia that are very good and have excellent reputations.

Ask current and past students how they liked the program.

Consult your veterinary medical associations for information.

Most importantly, decide the factors that are important to you. If veterinary discipline, climate, or social activities are high on your list of importance, this will have a strong influence on your personal ranking.

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