A recent research conducted in the United States has been linking infestation with Toxoplasma gondii and being a successful entrepreneur.

cat relaxedThe researches say that the parasite, that can be contracted by having contact with cats and their infested feces, lodges in the brain and is altering normal behavior. For some infested people, the change in behavior leads to depression, aggression, and even suicide, but in some individuals, it affects the risk-taking center in the brain and affects their decision-making process.

Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite that is known to be found worldwide. This parasite can infect every warm-blooded animal, but it needs felids, especially cats, to finish its life cycle and mature sexually. After maturing it is shed through the cat’s feces. When rodents get infected with T. gondii, it changes their behavior and makes them not afraid by cats. In this way, rodents get eaten by the cats and the parasite gets to mature sexually in the cat.

The researchers made an assessment of around 1300 US students and the ones that have been exposed to the parasite were more like to major in business, management, and entrepreneurship.

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