A research team at the “MSD Animal Health” will be awarded £3.1 million in order to research and develop a brand-new vaccine for Foot-and-Mouth Disease in livestock. The new vaccine is intended to be more affordable but at the same time more effective.

The research funds are awarded by the “Welcome Trust to the Pirbright Institute” whose ultimate goal is to make advances in the commercial production of the FMD vaccine at a low cost.

Foot-And-Mouth disease is a viral disease affecting livestock that spread extremely quickly. The incubation period before the first symptoms is 3 to 6 days. The most common symptoms that can be observed are fever, ulcers in the mouth and on the feet, loss of appetite and drop in the milk production, weight loss, lameness and sometimes ulcers on the udder in cows.

There is no known treatment for this diseases and affected animals are most commonly culled.

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